VP6G Equipment

Conducting an expesive journey to a remote place requires equipment redundancy to avoid stopping operation due to equipment failure. For that reason I decided to bring a full backup station (laptop, PSU, radio, antenna). But this approach also brings a new opportunity, i.e. running two stations at the same time.

I will setup two stations and if the circumstance allow, operate symutaniously CW and FT8. This greatly depends on the antenna situation. If I can’t have the antenna’s place at a good distance, I may experience interference (despite using BPF’s), and consequently operate only one radio. This will become clear once at the spot.

The block diagram is as follows:

1x SunSDR2 DX (100W) with ATU
1x SunSDR2 PRO (20W) with Expert 1.3K-FA amplifier
1x WKmini
1x Nissei 13.8VDC PSU
1x Difona 13.8VDC PSU
1x WiFi Router 4 UTP ports
2x laptop with N1MM+ and MSHV
200W BPF’s for 40-10m will be used for running the two radio’s simultaneously.
1x DX Commander 40-10m
1x Hexbeam 20-6m