W8S QSL management

Request via​ Buro Cards​ Direct Cards​ LOTW​ Price​
OQRS – Buro​ twice a year​ after 6 months​ Free​
OQRS – LOTW ​ during process OQRS​ 5 Euro​
OQRS – Direct + LOTW​ after printing cards​ during process OQRS​ 8 Euro​
Donations​ after printing cards​ 1 day after QSO​ >= 10 Euro​







After 6 months all QSO’s will be uploaded to LOTW.

OQRS Buro: cards will be answered only via OQRS, don’t send QSL via the buro.

OQRS LoTW: as soon as the request is received the LoTW confirmation will be processed within 24 hours and the LOTW confirmation will be processed within 24 hours and the direct QSL cards will be sent after they have been printed.

Donations: If someone donate 10 Euro or more, the LoTW confirmation will be send in approx. 24 hours after the QSO is made, after the QSL’s have been printed, the direct QSL will be sent.

All Missing QSO/Not In Log enquiries must be sent ONLY via the ”NOT IN LOG” form on M0OXO OQRS. This is the fastest way to get your enquiry resolved.

Charles M0OXO will take care of the W8S – Swains 2023 QSL management.
We trust Charles M0OXO and his outstanding QSL service needs no further introduction.
Check www.m0oxo.com for more details about his services.