Remote antenna switch

To minimize the number of cables running inside my antenna tower, I decided to build a remote antenna switch. I had a 1×8 antenna switch PCB already bought some time back. I purchased it from eb104 (Russia). It is capable of carrying 2 KW. Although this is a 1×8 switch, I would not fully deploy it for several reasons. I had only three antenna’s to switch and my control cable was only 7 wires. However, I prepared the enclosure for the switch to be expanded at a later time when needed.

I purchased a Hammond 1590X aluminum enclosure which is a good fit for the PCB. I drilled holes for the control cable connector (7-pins) and 4x SO239 coax connectors. All connectors were given a small layer of liquid rubber, to make them watertight. The same I did with the lid of the enclosure. This liquid rubber (Rubber Seal) is very handy for making things weatherproof. In order to protect the aluminum enclosure from rain and snow, I placed it in a plastic cover. On top of the cover I mounted two clamps to fix the antenna switch to the mast.

A small control box contains the 12V powersupply for the relays and the LED indictaors. I made the control box ready for 8 switch positions, of which I only use 4 positions at the moment.

The remote switch is in use already for a couple of months and switch between a 80/40m trap inverted dipole, 40m rotaty dipole and a TA53M beam.