QSL Management

For QSL-ing I’m making use of Clublog. Some of my old DX operations were not logged on a PC so only paper logs exist. Below you can see for which call sign you need to apply in the traditional way. Please don’t send IRC’s as I can’t exchange them at the post office.
For OQRS of Clublog, go here.


Operation IOTA Manager Dates Remarks LoTW Clublog PG5M
PA0GAM PG5M 1973-1999 V
PA5NT PG5M 1999-2003 V
PG5M PG5M 2003-> V
PA0GAM/OH0 EU002 PG5M 1983 V
PA0GAM/OH0/OJ0 EU053 PG5M 1983 V
PA0GAM/4S7 AS003 PG5M 1984 V
9Q5MA PG5M Oct 1985 CW only V
9Q5MA PG5M 1978-1985 SSB operated by Julian V
PA0GAM/ST2 PG5M 1987-1991 V
PA0GAM/9L PG5M 1989 V
YB3AQE PG5M 1993-1996 V
VK9GA OC002 PG5M 1996 Christmas Island V
JW/PA5NT EU026 PG5M 2001 Svalbard V
JW0PK EU063 SP5DRH 2001 Prins Karls Forland
ST2X PG5M 2003 V
PJ2/PG5M SA006 PG5M 2003 Curacao V
SV9/PG5M EU015 PG5M 2004 V V
C56M PG5M 2005 V
9M2/PG5M AS074 PG5M Nov 2006 Pulau Ketam V
9M2/PG5M AS072 PG5M Jan 2007 Pulau Pangkor V
9M2/PG5M AS046 PG5M 2-25 Mar 2007 Pulau Sibu V
9M2/PG5M AS046 PG5M 12-13 Apr 2007 Pulau Rawa V
9M2/PG5M AS051 PG5M 19-23 Apr 2007 Pulau Layan Layang (Spratly) V
9M2/PG5M/6 OC088 PG5M 2007 Sabah V
V8FGM OC088 PG5M 2008 Brunei V
3D2GM OC016 PG5M 2009 Fiji V
T30GM OC017 PG5M 2009 Tarawa V
T2G OC015 PG5M 2009 Funafuti V
PG5M/BA4RF PG5M 2010 V
A73A via QARS 2012 CQ WW SSB Contest
T8GM OC009 PG5M 2013 Koror Island V
V6G OC012 PG5M 2013 Yap Island V
A6/PG5M PG5M 2014 Sharjah V
CE0Y/PG5M SA001 PG5M 2014 Easter Island V
PJ2/PG5M SA099 PG5M 2015-> Curacao V
XX9TGM AS076 PG5M 2016 Caloane Island V
ZS1/PG5M PG5M 2017 V
LX/PG5M PG5M 2017 V V
C81G AF061 PG5M 2018 Ibo Island V
OH10X EU192 PG5M 7-11 Feb 2019 Inakari Island (New IOTA) V
OH10X EU192 OH2BH Mar 2019 -> Inakari Island
5T1GM AF050 PG5M Oct 2021 Arguin Island V V
HB0/PG5M PG5M 8-15 May 2022 V V
SV5/PG5M PG5M 4-11 Sep 2022 V V
5R8CG AF057 PG5M 2022 Nosy Be Island V V