The next day I suddenly got a "ERR 12V!" error in the display of the K3 and the power reduced to 10W only. Since I had no internet, I could not look up what the cause could be. First I thought it may be a kind of HF interference and started to relocate the power supply and coax cable. Nothing helped and sometimes the power came back again. Till the end of the DXpedition I had to cope with the situation that I had sometimes only 10W. Later when back home I found that this error is caused by bad connectors of the HF amplifier.

I have also taken the opportunity to see the remains of the fantastic traditions of Yap. The stone money is unique for the island and still in use for traditional ceremonies. The stone disks, varying in size up to 2.5 meters, were carved out from quarries on Palau and then transported on bamboo rafts, towed by sailing boats to Yap, a journey of 1000 kms. The stone disk will be place somewhere in a village or along a path and will remain there. The owner of the disk may change, but not the place. I was lucky that I could join some of the local villagers on a short sailing trip. This was done by a canoe that is made the same way as they have done hundreds of years ago. Yap people are known in the world as the best navigators of the Pacific. I could also witness a traditional dance ceremony in a neighboring village.

On September 14 I dismantled the station and made everything ready for the return flight to Palau where I would stay for one more day before flying back to Amsterdam.

Call: V6G
Start: 08-09-2013
End: 14-09-2013
Island: Yap

Call: XX9TGM
Start: 20-06-2016
End: 27-06-2016
Island: Coloane

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