When flying to Palau I had a 10 hour stop in Seoul. When waiting there I got an update on activities after my DXpedition trip that made me decide to shorten my DXpedition. I had to rebook my flights back from Palau to Seoul and Amsterdam and fortunately enough time to do so.

On Sunday September 8 I departed Palau at 01:20 AM and arrived at Yap airport after 1 hour flight at 03:25 AM local time. There were no issues to pass customs and outside the airport building I was welcomed by Mr. Al Ganang, the owner of Village View hotel. In pitch dark we drove slowly across the entire island and an hour later we arrived at my chalet. I badly needed some sleep and set my alarm clock at 08:00 AM. I started the morning with a good breakfast from the small restaurant that belongs to the diving center next to the 5 chalets of the hotel. I started to assemble the vertical antenna and placed it with the help of Al on a suitable place at the edge of the beach near to the chalet. I needed only one length of coax cable to reach the radio inside the room. Around 12 AM the station was up and running and I started to work the pile ups. Signals were very weak but very workable.

The next day I went to the capital Colonia for shopping but also to visit the Telecom Office to buy a local SIM card. I had e-mail exchange with the Telecom Office before my departure about having internet access via a local SIM card. Although the card was working for phone calls, internet didn't work and finally I also experienced very poor reception at the Village View hotel. The result was no phone connections and no internet. The only e-mail contact I had was when visiting an internet café in Colonia, which did a few times only. A trip to Colonia could take between 30-60 minutes (one-way) and I was relying on available transport from the hotel. Sammy the technician of the dive center and his wife Rosie who is running the restaurant, were always ready to take me with them to Colonia when needed. On September 9 I decided to relocate the vertical in order to improve the signal. I fixed to vertical to a bamboo pole of about 2 meter long and placed it in the water with the help of Sammy. We did this at low tide so we only had to work in a shallow water. For me it was difficult to measure the difference but since the antenna was now freer of surrounding objects and in the middle of salty water, it must have been an improvement. To my fear I heard the wind starting to become a storm and was afraid that the antenna would collapse. There was nothing I could do as it was high tide and dark. Fortunately, the antenna survived the storm.

Call: V6G
Start: 08-09-2013
End: 14-09-2013
Island: Yap

Call: XX9TGM
Start: 20-06-2016
End: 27-06-2016
Island: Coloane

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