I used my packing list from the 2009 DXpedition as the starting point. Most materials on the list would be needed also for this trip but some major parts could be removed such as the T-Match and the 12 m fiber pole which was together some KG's. Further I did reorganize my hardware tool kit. I also had to arrange another soldering iron as the local power voltage was 110VAC for which I don't have tools. I did purchase a 12VDC soldering iron which I could directly connect to my power supply.

An important improvement was on my antenna box. In 2009 I used quite hard polystyrene foam to separate the elements and traps of the R7+ vertical, but they were all broken after I returned home. This time I used a kind of soft foam which could not break and afterwards it turned out to be the right choice.

For the right location on Yap Island I searched the villages and settlements via Google Earth in order to find a suitable locations. Obviously the right place is a combination of 24 hours power, possible low QRM level, good take off to Europe,etc. Apart from using Google Earth, I also got in contact with Haru, JA1XGI who was on Yap before. He gave me detailed information and a picture of the place from where he operated. This all together gave me enough input to choose for Village View hotel on the north-eastern island of Maap. The disadvantage was that it was rather remote and no internet in the rooms besides not having roaming for my mobile phone.

For my activity on Palau it was a very easy arrangement. The VIP Hotel in Koror offers the use of their radio station when you book a room.


Call: V6G
Start: 08-09-2013
End: 14-09-2013
Island: Yap

Call: XX9TGM
Start: 20-06-2016
End: 27-06-2016
Island: Coloane

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