Power supply and heating

Electric power is supplied by one of the old remaining diesel generators that are located in the powerhouse just next to the lighthouse itself. The generator provides a fluctuating power with a changing frequency, this all depending on the use of the amplifiers of the stations. Having a frequency of 60 Hz for a European rotator means a rather high turning speed!
There was still diesel fuel in the tanks! No diesel had to been taken to the island for the previous 15 years. There's nowadays a new generator on the island, that was donated by Finnish Broadcasting Corporation for the use by hams. Lasse, OH0RJ, is the 'boss' of the generator.
A very pleasant site effect of the running generator is, that it produces heat. This is absorbed by the cooling system and on its turn pumped around the lighthouse where it is used for the central heating system. Even during the summer, the nights can be cold. Beside the central heating system, some rooms also have their own stove that run on wood.

Food and drinks

All food had to be taken from the mainland. However, drinking water was available from the storage tanks in the basement of the building. Nevertheless, bringing a sufficient amount of bottles of water and other drinks is advisable. Fishing was exercised by Kee and Lars and resulted in some very excellent meals prepared by Kee.

Peronal care

Washing and showering was normally done in one of the pools that remained at various places on the rock after the sea had washed it. Fresh water guaranteed! In case of serious illness or accidents, a helicopter rescue could be called in.


During our 3 days waiting time on Aland I made some 600 QSO's as PA0GAM/OH0. During our stay from July 26 till August 1st on Market Reef we made about 8000 QSO's as the whole team of which 3400 as PA0GAM/OH0/OJ0.

Call: PA0GAM/OH0/OJ0
Start: 26-07-1983
End: 01-08-1983
Island: Market reef

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