After getting into my room and unpacking the equipment, I started first to assemble the ECO R7+ vertical antenna into parts that still could be carried through the corridor to the roof.

The base of the R7+ vertical was paced over one of the four reinforcing bars that came out of the roof, just next to a glass fiber watertank. This was an excellent and easy assembly for me.
Due to my previous fact finding mission, I could find these bars back again when I was installing the antenna in the dark. Next I fixed the radials and inserted the rest of the antenna on top of the base element. I secured the vertical with a few guy wires to avoid that the antenna could tumble down due to wind. I needed only 5m of coax to connect it to the radio.
Once the antenna was up, I checked the bands and found that there was a very high noise/QRM level which made it a lot more difficult to copy the signals. Fortunately the direction to Europe, US and Japan was not blocked by buildings but sure my signal would be week at the other end.
The operation The only problem I had was that RFI caused my air conditioner to switch off when going on 20 meters. At the operating desk I had the FT-897 with the MFJ 945E antenna tuner. I had to use the tuner for all G5RV operations but with the R7+ I could bypass the tuner on some bands. For logging I used a DELL laptop running CT under Windows. A Bencher paddle was used to key the CT internal SUPERCMOS keyer.


I operated just for a short while before the CQ WW CW contest which resulted in 40 QSO's. During the contest I worked 360 station.

Call: 9M2/PG5M
Start: 24-11-2006
End: 26-11-2006
Island: Pulau Ketam

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