One day, we had an enormous rain shower. After a while I discovered that the SWR went high on a few bands. I suspected the connecting barrel half way the coax, but even after thoroughly drying it did not change the situation. It must have been a problem with the antenna as after a few hours the situation improved and went back to normal again.

My departure from the island was scheduled for Tuesday, 23 April. During the Monday I prepared most of the packing but left the necessary equipment so I could operate till the last moment. On Tuesday morning at 06:00 hr I had packed everything and ready for departure. Again we had to do some weighting after which all the luggage was moved to the runway. After the plane arrived, I met the same Russian instructor next to the plane. I asked him if he could make a nice circle around the island to allow me to make a nice picture. He said he would consider it.

Once everything was packed, we were ready to go at about 08:00 hrs and the plane taxied to his position. Just 5 seconds after the pilot started to release the breaks, he had to stop. I turned out that a goat or small animal was crossing the runway. Quickly he continued his take-off and we made a safe landing the Kota Kinabalu airport around 09:00 hrs. From there I took the plane to Kuala Lumpur where I arrive at home the same day.

A special thanks should go to the staff of Layang layang Resort for their king support for this operation. Without their help I would not have made this trip. I like to thank in particular Mr. Lawrence Lee,Vicky Lee, Hooiyin Liew and Mr. Eugene Foo the resort manager.

Contact details are:Layang Layang Island Resort Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur Sales & Reservation Office)
Block A, Ground Floor, A-0-3, Megan Avenue II, 12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia.


Call: 9M2/PG5M
Start: 19-04-2007
End: 23-04-2007
Island: Spratly -
Pulau Layang Layang

by acls us
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