I recognize that my signal was most of the time very weak wich made it somethimes really difficult to get QSO's confirmed. Besides that I understand there was also enough QRM made by individuals. I managed to make 2,302 QSO's in 5 days with 1,770 unique call signs. As mentioned, this was a holiday style operation. Just at the end of my stay I was able to work for 30 minutes in the CQWW contest after which I quickly packed the station and moved to the airport for the return flight. After about 35 hours of flying, waiting and driving my car, I arrived home and managed to operate again for 30 minutes in the CQWW contest as PG5M.

Thank you all for your patience as I know that my signal was oftern very weak. On top of that the frequency was not always very clear as well.

Special thanks go to the Radio Club de Chile for their assistance in obtaining the license.


Call: CE0Y/PG5M
Start: 24-11-2014
End: 29-11-2014
Island: Rapa Nui

by acls us
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