September 11

So the next day I erected the antenna again and this time I started to work on 20 meters. Again I worked some Japanese stations. Later I switched to 30 meters and ended with a few contacts on 40 meters. I recognized that I could not get the low SWR as the day before. I don't know the reason but it forced me to keep the output power around 50-60 watts. Putting the power to 100 watts worked for a while but made all metal parts "too hot".

September 12

I worked again on 20 and 30 meters. On 30 I had a real pileup! Although I could hear some stations, I was unable to tune the wire on 17 meters.

September 13

In the morning I worked a few stations on 20 meters after which I took the antenna again inside the house. In the afternoon I cut off about 4 meters of the wire in order to try tuning on the other bands. I was able to work more than 30 stations on 15 meters. Later that evening I worked only a few stations after which I closed the station. I looked as if the conditions were not very good.

September 14-15

As I had the impression that not really anyone was paying attention to the antenna, I decided to leave it outside on the balcony. This allowed me to work also in the morning and afternoon. The last two days produced a couple of hundred contacts. Sometimes the noise level was S9 and made it difficult to copy stations. On the other hand, I had several occasions that the band was reasonable quiet and made it possible to copy very weak signals, which I enjoyed very much.
At the evening of September 15, I dismantled the antenna and packed all equipment again in the small trolley (except the fiber rod), being ready for returning home.

Final result

Over a period of six days I spend a couple of hours each day on the radio. It was enjoyable and at the same time I was impressed to see what I could work with the very simple wire vertical without any radials and with just 50 watts output power. I managed to tune the antenna on 40-10 meters but unfortunately was unable to make any contact on 10 meters. Even a sked on 10 meters was not successful. The operation was CW only and resulted in 1314 contacts.

Call: SV9/PG5M
Start: 10-09-2004
End: 15-09-2004
Island: Crete

by acls us
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