Living conditions

Market Reef is not an island you simply visit when you get the idea to do so. Landing permission is needed and will only be issued when the right persons are accompanying the team. In our case we had Kee along who was the former lighthouse keeper.
Although Market Reef is a barren rock, it probably has one of the best accommodations available when compared to similar locations. The old lighthouse is still in perfect condition and provides lots of room for operation and living.

The red/white lighthouse consists of a basement and three stories and the light on top. In the basement is a large storage tank for drinking water, a storage room and a sauna which still functions. On the first floor are three rooms. One was used for Station I. On the second floor is a kitchen that had still a working stove and refrigerator. Further it had two rooms that were used as bedrooms (beds still available). On the third floor is a small bedroom and the control room for the operation of the lighthouse and the weather station.
To the side is the engine building with at ground level the storage room for the acetylene cylinders and at the first floor the three aged generators. The building has a concrete tower, formerly used for the fog-horn, but now used to support the TH3Mk3 tri-bander.

The next building is the general store where in former days the firewood and food was stored. The basement is now just an empty room. The first floor of this building was divided into another store and a small room that was ideal for an operation position. This became Station II. All buildings are connected to each other by an elevated catwalk. There is a small white structure in front of the engine building which is called the WC. It has an entrance but without a door and is only flushed by the sea on irregular basis. During bad weather it is not available.

Call: PA0GAM/OH0/OJ0
Start: 26-07-1983
End: 01-08-1983
Island: Market reef

by acls us
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