For a long time I had Macau on my wish-list but learned already a long time ago that there was one big challenge; operating location! Although there are lots of hotels, there are very few hotels at the beach and on the north side of the Coloane Island. The Pousada de Coloane hotel is radio amateur friendly but is at the southern part of the island and surrounded by mountains. This is certainly not a preferred location as you need take-off in northern direction. I had tried some years ago to get permission to place antennas on the roof of a hotel down town, but that did not work out positively.

I think these problems are also reason for a rather high ranking of XX9 in the Most Wanted List. This was the situation as of June 2016 for CW: Clublog ranking is EU: 76, NA: 22, SA: 61, AS: 61, OC: 196, AF: 85 and German DX Foundation 2015: 44.

Recently I considered the Grant Coloane Resort for an operation. I collected lots of photos and used Google Earth to examine to situation and came to the conclusion that when operating from the top level of the hotel, it should be possible to have take-off to the north. Obviously, reality may be different once at the spot, but for me it looked an acceptable situation. Although I found a possible location, I still had to ensure that the hotel would allow me to place an antenna at my balcony. I made my request and had to provide some more information and a picture of how this would look like. Finally I got an OK and that was the starting point for the planning and preparations. 

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Call: XX9TGM
Start: 20-06-2016
End: 27-06-2016
Island: Coloane

by acls us
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