Start: 04-03-2010  End: 05-03-2010

During my stay in Nanjing I had the opportunity to meet David Chen, BA4RF who is an active operator. David enjoys contesting and has also been a member of the great BS7H dxpedition in 2008. I was so fortunate to operate the station of David when visiting him at home. The equipment I used for the operation was an Elecraft K3 (I’m very familiar with this set as I own one myself) and the antenna we a 3 element SteppIR on top of the 7 story building. Unfortunately his 30/40 meter beam was out of order. With the available antenna’s and suitable amplifier I was able to operate on 10-20 meters and on 80 meters. I spend only a few hours on the air in the afternoon and evening with a two hour break for dinner with David, his wife and son.

It was a memorabel moment to be on the air as PG5M/BA4RF, exactly 27 years after I worked BY1PK on March 5, 1983. It was only contact No. 42 for BY1PK!