It was not only great fun on the radio but I enjoyed my stay at this fantastic resort as well. The staff was great and where very supportive which made my stay so pleasant and the radio part so successful. Because of the fantastic location and experience, I decided to visit the island once again and operate from chalet No.20 or also known as the honeymoon suite. The "extra's" are a fridge and a hot water shower. The staff must be surprised that this might become a favorite place for radio operators and not only for married couples.

Because this chalet lies at the most western part of the resort, it gives a better path the the US and this is also recognized in the log as this time I worked quite some US stations contrary to the single W during the first trip.
During the first trip I actually used only the vertical and during the second trip a brought only a G5RV dipole which was hung between two palm trees.
More information about the resort can be found on The food was nice, served at my convenience. Beth gave me even a water cooker with coffee so I could make my own drinks during the late operating hours.
It is really relaxing being at this remote place and enjoying the fantastic environment, nice pleasant cool wind and most of all, working the world from this remote beach location.

If you want to go there for operating radio, let Malcolm or Beth know so they can prepare your room with a table and chair for convenient operation. For the high elevated antenna works, you can ask Buton to help if he is around. It is amazing how quickly he is at the top of the tree to fix the wires of your dipole. Make sure he is also available just before departure to get it down again.

On your way to the island, you have to call the resort half an hour before you reach the Tanjung Leman jetty, so they can send the boat to collect you. At the island, there are seven resorts and just one small village with local people, one police man, a small clinic and a few small shops. However, you can buy your drinks and snacks at the resort. Before leaving the island again, I inspected the other chalets of the resort and found that no 8, 13, 16 and 17 are also a good locations if you want to use wire antenna's.

Thanks Malcolm, Beth, Buton, Wendy and Kylie for making the trips so enjoyable and successful for the radio part.

Call: 9M2/PG5M
Start: 02-03-2007
End: 04-03-2007
Start: 23-03-2007
End: 25-03-2007
Island: Pulau Sibu

by acls us
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