Malcolm brought me a very convenient table and comfortable chair as in the chalet they have only arm chairs and small tables. I placed the table in front a window and next to the power outlet which was a fantastic position, as with the open windows, I had wind going through the room. Later it turned out that with the rain, it was less pleasant as the wind blew the rain straight through the room.
I assembled the radio and hooked it up to the dipole and it seemed to work well and a few contacts were made. But the idea that perhaps the vertical could work better so close to the sea, I started to fix the vertical. Wally helped me to get it placed at the beach for which he used a tall crow bar.

The vertical worked fine and I operated for about an hour. However, I discovered that the SWR was fluctuating all the time and suspected that the metal crow bar could be making some kind of short circuit inside the base part of the vertical. I decided to find another suitable support. A bamboo stick on the beach was what I needed; tall enough and with the right diameter to fit into the base of the antenna. I buried the bamboo stick just at the shore line and slid the vertical over it and it looked just fantastic. The SWR was good and I could use it without the tuner.When I started operating again, I had a fantastic pileup and I guess the signal into Europe must have been good. During the pileup I had some trouble with the logging program (most likely too unfamiliar with it) as it wiped out call signs half way the QSO (later found the problem). This was causing undesirable slow down of the QSO rate. Signals were great and this time it was so much different from my previous two island operations. First QSO's were already made at 3 PM local time, which was not possible when at Pulau Ketam or Pulau Pangkor.

On Sunday morning 17 meters was great. The band was very quiet and signals were loud. I worked the only US station (W1YY) at 01:14Z on 17 meters and later also KG6B and KL7QB. The rest of the morning only on 17 meters working JA. The whole operation resulted in a total of 1382 QSO's.
One observation is that my location at the resort has prevented me from working more US stations as that direction was walled off by a mountain on the northern part of the island. I'm sure that from chalet no 20, also there will be a clear path to the  US.

Call: 9M2/PG5M
Start: 02-03-2007
End: 04-03-2007
Start: 23-03-2007
End: 25-03-2007
Island: Pulau Sibu

by acls us
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