Some of the problems we encountered before and during the contest were:
Arching relay boxes at the antennas, bad soldering of coax plugs and control cables, bad cables, problems with BPF's, problems with some amplifiers, power cut (all lights and air-conditioning off), software problems, bad SWR, etc.

Just two hours after the contest we started to take all antennas down and dismantle the stations. This was needed because all people had to go back to Doha again on Monday. However, there was also a very practical reason for this as during the day it is simply too hot to do hard work. Because of high tide, some people had to walk into the sea to dismantle the 40m 4-square.

After we had all equipment, antennas and cables gathered near the operating chalet we were ready for breakfast. However, just when all the food was ready on the tables outside, a strong sandstorm appeared. This was a very rare occasion, also for our Qatari friends. We quickly moved the food inside and waited until the weather became calm again.

After all equipment was loaded in the mobile chalets we left for Doha. The chalets were moved to Doha later.

Results are a first place for Asia and we made the 8th place worldwide. The final score is:

QSOs     Zones    Country              Score
10,823     174         655             23,587,537

I'm very thankful of being invited for this fantastic experience and having made new friends and enjoying the hospitality of the Qatari people. Operating in an international team at a world class station has brought again new experiences and knowledge.

by acls us
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