03-02 Saturday

Saturday was my birthday and Johannes had managed to order a birthday cake somewhere which was made on special order. During the birthday song, I cut the cake and we enjoyed eating it and having a Coke. For the rest of the day we continued our operation.

04-02 Sunday

As we had to leave the island on Monday around noon, we started to dismantle part of the antenna’s already. The best was to take down the 60m vertical as we would not be able to make any more QSO’s on that band. Since the VDA would require considerable time, we decided to take down also that antenna. The remaining antennas would leave enough options to make good QSO runs during the afternoon and evening/night. We were able to have a really good run that afternoon and evening on 20 and 17 meters.

05-02 Monday

Early morning Johannes was able to log his KL7 station, the last remaining US state for his WAS. After that we started to take down the Hexbeam and 40m vertical. The latter was easy but the Hexbeam on a 14 m high aluminum mast took more time and was also more difficult with only two people. Besides that, the sun was burning already heavily on our bodies and it was terribly hot. Only when the Hexbeam was on the ground, we could move it a bit in the shade of the trees and do the further dismantling and packing.
When everything was packed, we took a refreshing shower and said goodbye to the staff of the lodge around 11:00 hr, earlier than scheduled. Some local strong guys did the transport of our luggage to the boat by a motorized cargo transporter. Since it was low tide, we could not load the luggage from the pier onto the boat. Therefor they had to hand (and head) carry all the luggage across the beach, into a small dinghy which transported it to our boat. Around noon we were ready and left Ibo Island. Again it was a fantastic journey to Pemba. The boat regularly hit waves that created a shower on the boat and our luggage. This also showed us how important it was that we had packed our sensitive equipment well.
Once we arrived at the beach of Pemba, some guys were waiting already to bring all luggage back on the beach and into the cars. From the beach we drove again to our hotel Jardim dos Embondeiros. We first took a fantastic real shower and later had a nice dinner and a good night rest.

The owner of the hotel all of a sudden became interested in our activities when he heard what we were doing. It turned out his father was CR7RL? and was the former president of the Mozambique amateur radio society (that was before independence).