29-01 Monday

Previously we have had correspondence with the authorities about our planned stay in order to avoid surprises. Johannes went to the administrator in the morning for courtesy and the meeting went very well. However, the director of infrastructure and a police officer still had to inspect the scene. So we had 3 officials visiting somewhat later and with all our documentation and some discussion they were satisfied. With the approval of the highest official on the island, no further surprises were expected.

We were experiencing regular power cuts, some very short, others somewhat longer. That means we were sometimes cut off, just in the middle of a QSO so you may not appear in the log due these outages. I started assembling the VDA for 30m which we put up at the end of the day since it is too hot to work in the sun. Assembling was done when the mast and boom were on the ground. Erecting the antenna was difficult since the area was scattered by trees, bushes and guy wires but finally we got it in place and having the ability to move it from US to Europe direction.