28-01 Sunday

The next morning we were greeted by Pieter, our skipper. We loaded the cars and went to the beach where Pieter his boat was anchored off shore. Pieter had arranged some local guys to bring all the luggage to the beach and to load it on the boat. Around 8 AM we left for a four-hour journey to Ibo Island. We arrived around noon at Ibo Island where we located the boat at the pier. Some local guys helped us to off load all the luggage and transported it to the lodge. We directly inspected the compound and discussed the antenna setup. Based on that we decided to take the “family bungalow” as our accommodation. It was pre-arranged that we had two suitable tables with chairs for our operating positions. We directly started to unpack our boxes and suitcases in order to build up the most important antenna, the Hexbeam on a 14m high telescopic aluminum mast. That had to be ready before sunset so we could start the operation the same evening.

After the Hexbeam we installed the 40m vertical with two elevated radials which was easy to do. With antennas for 40-10 meters ready, we could start our operation. We knew that internet was a bit of an issue and for that reason we brought a WiFi router with 3.5G dongle. We had initially issues getting it to work and registered with the new SIM card. In the following days we also had issues with the top up via scratch cards but overall we were having reliable internet access.