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On our way back home

Yesterday we had again a wonderful boat ride to bring us back to Pemba where we stayed the night. This morning Johannes left Pemba by car and is now on its way to Beira where he will arrive tomorrow at the end of the day (again 1500 km). You can still follow his progress in real time by this link.

I had my noon flight from Pemba to Nairobi and currently waiting to get my flight to Amsterdam at 23:55.

We had a wonderfull time at Ibo Island and we went over our personal target of 10,000 QSO’s. A full story will be published on this web site later.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation, perhaps even hours of calling (I know some did) and together we have made it a great DXpedition again.

We are closing down

Today we have taken down the 60m vertical and the 30m VDA. Tomorrow morning we will start early to dismantle the whole station as we need to be ready by noon when the boat will bring us back to Pemba. Yesterday and today we had very nice runs on 17 and 20 meters. 60m was actually a disappointment with the heavy QRM that prevented us from making more QSO’s.

Finally also the 60m vertical ready

It is actually too hot during the day to work on the antennas, so we try to do that work early morning or at the end of the day. However, we wanted to have 60m ready before the evening so we took the challenge to erect the 18 meter Spider pole for the 60m vertical with two elevated radials. The current setup is now a Hexbeam with pentaplexer for 10-20m, a 40m vertical (with 2 elevated radials), 30m VDA (on 18m Spider pole), 60m vertical (with 2 elevated radials).

Although we have all the Band Pass Filters in place, we do have trouble and interference which makes that we can not be active on certain band-combinations. This of course is frustrating us as it will reduce the QSO rate.

Internet is currently stable. We use a WiFi router with 3.5 CDMA dongle.

Hope to work you tonight on 60m for a first!

Things are still going a bit slow

Yesterday we were told to pay a visit to the administrator of the island. Previously we have had correspondance with the authorities about our planned stay in order to avoid surprises. Johannes met the administrator this morning which all went very well. However, the director of infrastructure and a police officer wanted to see the scene.

So we had 3 officials visiting and and with all our documentation and some discussion they were OK.

We are also experiencing regular power cuts, some very short, other somewhat longer. That means we are sometime cut off, just in the middle of QSO. We apologize for that.

I’m now assembling the VDA for 30m which we will put up at the end of the days since it is too hot to work in the sun. Later today we will also fix the 60m vertical.

On air on 10-40m, bad internet

We have installed the Hexbeam @14 meters and a 40m vertical with two elevated radials. That all works fine. Internet is still a real problem but still try to solve the problems. Today we will setup the 30m VDA and vertical for 60m and for 80m we need to see if we will use a dipole or vertical. We hope to be able to have better internet to communicate with you and to upload the logs.

More up to date info via Twitter #PG5M, #PA5X, #C8X, #C81G

Some other 300km to go

While I’m waiting at the airport in Nairobi for my flight to Pemba, Johannes is making good progress. The road is good now and scenery is fantastic. You can also follow his journey in realtime via the following link.

Johannes had a long day driving

Johannes departed early this morning and just arrived in Alto Molocue, after it took him 14 hours to make 900 km. That is not bad given the circumstances of the road. Tomorrow he still has to go for some 600 km to reach Pemba.

I only drove from my home to Schiphol (200 km) in totally different conditions and now waiting to board my plane to Nairobi.

Ready for departure

We we are about to depart and are now finalizing the packing. Johannes (C93PA) will travel by car so has not really an issue with weight. I will travel by plane and have to make sure that I pack it in the most practical way to avoid paying too much for excess luggage. Total weight is now approx. 75 KG.