The OH10X operation finished

We finally made 8088 QSO’s. Had some sleep last night and started this morning to dismantle the stations and antennas. The latter was quite a problem as during Sunday we had temperatures above zero and the snow started to melt a little. In the evening it started to freeze again and we got snow as well. The result was that 80m antenna got a ice layer causing the center frequency to drop some 100 kHz. Further the guy wires and fiber poles were all covered with a layer of ice/snow. That made it difficult to collapse the fiber poles and we had to use hot water to get the ice off and get it into the carrying case.

Around noon we were ready to drive back to Tornio.

Two stations operational

Yesterday we erected the antenna’s for 40, 30 and 20 meters and today we also made an 80m dipole ready. We have now our two station up and running. It is now -9 C and forecast is that the temperature for the next few days is still rising and will reach 0 C by Sunday. At the moment we have light snow but we have already a 1 meter of snow on the ground.

Circumstances in our cabin are perfect with good heating, daily food service and good operating positions and 3 beds.

On our way to the island

This morning we left Tornio by snow mobile is a great capsule with heating!
After arrival we took lunch and started to erect the antenna’s for 40, 30 and 20 meters. They are up now and Nigel is already running the pile ups on 30 meters.

New IOTA on Ice DXpedition

Inakari Island coordinates: Lat: 65° 41′ 49.4460″ Lon: 24° 10′ 5.0460″

We are proud to announce that a new IOTA island will be activated for the first time by a small international team during this very cold winter with local temperatures on the island dropping to around -20C (-4F).
Kataja/Inakari Island has been added to the list by the IOTA Committee in October 2018 as EU192.

Martti-OH2BH, Nigel-G3TXF, Niko-OH2GEK and Gerben-PG5M will be travelling by snow mobiles several kilometres out over the frozen seas of the Bothnian Bay to set up camp on Inakari Island, the Finnish part where they will use an abandoned fisherman’s refuge. As Inakari Island is part of the Bothnian Bay National Park the party need to obey several related restrictions, but they have been successful in dealing with them all.
We will be running two stations simultaneously across 80-40-30-20-17-15 meters, operating CW and SSB. Call sign is OH10X and QSL via PG5M using Club Log.

Log search is available on Club Log. We will provide daily posts on to keep you updated on progress and on the conditions on the island.