Finally also the 60m vertical ready

It is actually too hot during the day to work on the antennas, so we try to do that work early morning or at the end of the day. However, we wanted to have 60m ready before the evening so we took the challenge to erect the 18 meter Spider pole for the 60m vertical with two elevated radials. The current setup is now a Hexbeam with pentaplexer for 10-20m, a 40m vertical (with 2 elevated radials), 30m VDA (on 18m Spider pole), 60m vertical (with 2 elevated radials).

Although we have all the Band Pass Filters in place, we do have trouble and interference which makes that we can not be active on certain band-combinations. This of course is frustrating us as it will reduce the QSO rate.

Internet is currently stable. We use a WiFi router with 3.5 CDMA dongle.

Hope to work you tonight on 60m for a first!